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Affiliate Programme

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What is it?

For simply putting a Legalhelpers logo on your site, you could make some easy money without having to do anything else, except wait for your money to arrive.

Legalhelpers is launching a new advertising initiative, whereby people who wish to host a Legalhelpers logo and link will receive 20% of any monies generated from the site traffic that comes to Legalhelpers from the Logo Advertiser.

You may already have discovered that Legalhelpers aims to provide quality legal documents at a fraction of the cost of the high street solicitor. The average price for our premium service documents is £30. Therefore, for every order generated from a Logo Advertiser site, they will receive £6.

Who is eligible?

Legalhelpers wishes to make this offer available to everyone who has a website. Therefore, any small personal website with only a few hundred hits a month, to the very large corporate website with many thousands of hits a day can apply.

How does it work?

The Logo Advertiser simply hosts the Legalhelpers logo of their choice on their site with the following sentence, 'Legalhelpers Limited - specialists in the creation of Legal Documents'.

How does the Logo Advertiser get paid?

Legalhelpers Limited has implemented software which traces the origin of all orders, and if the referring website is registered with Legalhelpers as a Logo Advertiser, it will be recorded. Every month, Legalhelpers will add up all the orders that have been received from each Logo Advertiser and send a cheque or electronic payment.

Can I check to see if anyone placed an order from my website?

When we have received and processed your details, you will receive a username and password. You can use this to see the number of visitors referred from your site, the orders resulting from this, your current balance, and the option to alter any of your details.

What do I do next?

Legalhelpers Limited ensures to keep the contract between Legalhelpers Limited and the Logo Advertiser as simple as possible, in line with our policy of keeping legal documents straightforward. The contract is on the next page should you wish to join this scheme.

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