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Section 1 - Landlord's Details

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Section 2 - Tenant's Details

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Section 3 - Grounds for Possession

In order to obtain possession of premises let under a Tenancy Agreement, the landlord must specify a ground or grounds within the Housing Act 1988. With regard to some of these grounds, possession is compulsory. However, with regard to other grounds, it is up to the Court's discretion whether they will order possession for the landlord.

Below, is a full list of the grounds contained within the Act. Please put a tick in the box next to the ground or grounds upon which you are seeking possession of the property.

Part I - Grounds on which Court must Order Possession

Ground 1: Owner Occupier
At some time before the beginning of the tenancy, the landlord or in the case of joint landlords one of them occupied the property as their only or principal home and now requires the property for themselves or their spouse/civil partner.

Ground 2: Mortgagee
The property is subject to a mortgage and the mortgage compnay is entitled to exercise a power of sale, this is generally for default of mortgage payments.

Ground 3: Out of Season Holiday Home
The property was let as a holiday home not exceeding eight months.

Ground 4: Vacation Let of Educational Accommodation
The tenancy is a fixed term tenancy for a term not exceeding twelve months and at some time within the period of twelve months ending with the beginning of the tenancy, the property was let on a tenancy falling within paragraph 8 of Schedule 1 to this Act. This is more for Universities and Local Authorities.

Ground 5: Minister of Religion
The property is held for the purpose of being available for occupation by a minister of religion.

Ground 6: Demolition/Reconstruction/Substantial Works
The landlord intends to demolish or reconstruct the whole or a substantial part of the property or to carry out substantial works and the nature of the intended work is such that such a tenancy is not practicable.

Ground 7: Devolved Tenancy
The tenancy has devolved under the will or intestacy of the former tenant and the proceedings for the recovery of possession are begun not later than twelve months after the death of the former tenant.

Ground 8: Rent Arrears
(a) Rent is payable weekly or fortnightly and at least eight weeks’ rent is unpaid; or
(b) Rent is payable monthly and at least two months’ rent is unpaid;or
(c) Rent is payable quarterly and at least one quarter’s rent is more than three months in arrears;or
(d) Rent is payable yearly and at least three months’ rent is more than three months in arrears;

Part II - Grounds on which Court may Order Possession

Ground 9: Suitable Alternative Accommodation
Suitable alternative accommodation is available for the tenant or will be available for him when the order for possession takes effect.

Ground 10: Rent Arrears
Some rent lawfully due from the tenant is unpaid.

Ground 11: Rent Arrears
Whether or not any rent is in currently in arrears, the tenant has persistently delayed paying rent.

Ground 12: Breach of Tenancy Agreement
Any obligation of the tenancy (other than one related to the payment of rent) has been broken or not performed.

Ground 13: Condition of Premises
The condition of the property has deteriorated owing to acts of waste by, or the neglect or default of the tenant or any other person residing in the property.

Ground 14: Nuisance
The tenant or a person residing in or visiting the property has been guilty of conduct causing or likely to cause a nuisance or annoyance to a person residing, visiting or otherwise engaging in a lawful activity in the locality.

Ground 14A: Domestic Violence
The property was occupied by a married, civil partnership or couple living together, and one of the partners is a tenant of the property and the landlord who is seeking possession is a registered social landlord or a charitable housing trust and one partner has left the property because of violence or threats of violence by the other.

Ground 15: Condition of Furniture
The condition of any furniture provided for use under the tenancy has deteriorated owing to ill-treatment by the tenant or any other person residing in the property.

Ground 16: Employment
The property was let to the tenant in consequence of his employment.

Ground 17: False Statement
The landlord was induced to grant the tenancy by a false statement made knowingly or recklessly by the tenant.

Section 3 - Specific Details

It is extremely important that you elaborate upon the ground or grounds for which you are seeking possession. Please provide as full an explaination as possible below, as well as providing details and dates upon each and every ground you are relying upon.

Section 4 - Further Details

What was the start date of the tenancy?

If it was a fixed term tenancy, what was the end date for the agreement?

How often is the rent payable?

Depending which ground(s) you rely upon to seek possession Court proceedings can not be commenced before either two weeks, or two months. We will work out the earliest possible date.

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